Why Does My Cat Not Like to Drink from His Water Bowl

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This should be one of the worries belonging to most ailurophiles. Prepared a large bowl of water, the results of the day did not see less. Cats do not like to drink water in nature. After all, its ancestors from the desert long used up a little water in their food(so the cat’s poop is not as wet as the dog).

Before the hospital saw a 17-pound orange cat, yes, you read that right, 17 pounds! No water for three days in the hospital to replenish energy. At the same time, it also did not poop for three days …. Severe constipation …..

So, What is the Reason for Not Loving Water?

Water quality

If freshwater is not replaced daily, the water quality will be affected by dirt or water stains that accumulate and affect the taste over time. Many cats like to wet their paws with water, which can also lead to bacteria buildup in the water.

Cleanliness of the water bowl

Suppose the water is changed every day without cleaning the water bowl. This leads to water stains, hair, saliva, and food adhering to it, and the cat will refuse to drink water.

Selection of the water bowl

The cat’s whiskers are very sensitive, so if the water bowl is too small and squeezes the whiskers, it will make the cat feel uncomfortable. In addition to the size, the depth of the water basin is also essential. Cats do not like too deepwater basins, which will soak their beards.

water bowl

Placement of the water bowl

Cats are susceptible to the smell of animals, if the water bowl is too close to the food, it will make them feel that the water is contaminated, and cats do not like their water smells like food but is tasteless to drink.

Water level

If one day you find a cat drinking with its paw, it means that it is dissatisfied with your behavior! The cat is a very fixed creature, and it feels like Virgo’s OCD is nothing in front of it. You need to keep the water level in balance. Don’t be very complete and shallow.

Flowing water

For the reason of this it, there are two kinds of statements. The first is that because of instinct. Cats feel that the pollutants contained in flowing water are relatively lower than stagnant water. The second is that although cats have good night vision, it is difficult to see the stagnant water in the bowl, preferring to use their sense of hearing to judge, and the substances contained in flowing water will make them feel better than stagnant water to drink.

Although it is said that cats and kittens do not want to have the same significant demand for water as dogs, however, if the water content in the cat’s body is low, it will significantly increase the rate of urinary tract diseases.

Tips to Help Cats and Kittens Hydrate

Wet food

Usually, high-quality wet food contains about 70-80% water, while dry food only has 5-10%. Because of their physiology, cats may prefer to get water from their food.

Water dispenser

Cats prefer dynamic water over stagnant water, and flowing water is more fun for them to drink. You can buy a water fountain or put a large ice cube in the center of the water bowl.

water dispenser

Multiple locations

Provide cats with a more convenient drinking experience and drink water when they want to.

Add flavor

Add some chicken broth or tuna juice to your cat’s water to add flavor to the water.

If none of the above methods work, then you will have to try opening the faucet to the point of dripping so that your cat has water to drink. There is experimental evidence that cats prefer and water from the tap.

But the biggest drawback of this is that your home water bill has to drift up.

water from the tap

Facts About Cats

Cats need water to maintain the mineral balance in their bodies. Water accounts for 80% of a cat’s body weight, and chronic dehydration can cause severe dehydration problems.

  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • lethargy
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Dry/sticky gums
  • Drooling
  • Skin is inelastic (pinch the hair on the cat’s neck and see if it retracts quickly)

In addition to this, it can cause severe illness or even death due to vomiting, diarrhea, and high fever, so parents must be vigilant if their cat refuses to drink water!

Final Thoughts

Cats will have higher requirements for water quality, and cats will prefer flowing water. Owners should pay attention to change freshwater for cats every day, even 2 to 3 times a day if it is summer because cats eat cat food to drink water, it is easy to bring in food residues, the water is easy to deteriorate. And the water container should also be cleaned and disinfected often so that there is no odor. You can also buy special water containers for cats. The water will always flow kind, which can also stimulate the interest of cats to drink water.

By the way, pathological reasons, cats suffering from diseases, such as viral diseases, kidney disease, etc., will not drink the phenomenon, it is recommended that timely treatment.

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