Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Legs?

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Do you sleep with your kitty? If so, you’ve probably had the same problem: Cats sleep at the end of the bed, on the pillow, between the heads of two lovers. But why is the kitty’s favorite position between your legs?

Why Do Cats Love to Sleep Between Your Legs?

1. Trust

As we all know, cats need a safe environment for eating, going to the bathroom, and sleeping because they belong to both the “predator” and the “prey”. If they choose to sleep with you, regardless of whether they sleep by the feet or on the side of the head, it is a sign of trust in you. Of course, if they sleep on your bellies or legs, it not only means they trust you, but sometimes it can also mean that they are the boss of the household (or at least they think they are) and are declaring their “territory” and status to the other cats or you.

On an individual basis, a cat in a vulnerable position in a multi-cat household will also choose to lie on your belly. Because you help it, the weak cat may stay by your side to not be bullied by other cats. This usually happens when the cat in the family’s dominant position does not bother to compete for the position of sleeping next to you.

2. Attention seeking

Cats want to get more attention from you and wish to accompany you as regular performance. Clingy cats have some common characteristics:

  • Meow next to you when you are on the phone or voice.
  • Sleep on the keyboard or get in front of the screen when you are playing or working on the computer.
  • Follow you when you go to the toilet or take a shower.
  • Lay on your belly or thighs when you are lying on the bed or sofa.

Why Do Cats Prefer to Sleep Between Your Legs Rather Than Arms?

Reason 1: Legs are warm

Especially in the wintertime, a kitty’s radar scanning ability to find “heat sources” is exceptionally high! And the middle of the thigh is closer to our trunk, one of the highest parts of the body temperature. Therefore legs are more likely to be favored by kittens.

Legs are warm

Reason 2: Familiarity

On the one hand, when we are standing or squatting, the “greeting part” that cats habitually rub or touch is our legs or knees. On the other hand, cats are used to lying or sleeping on our laps when we are awake or sitting during the day.

Reason 3: Stable

We may often use our hands to hold our cats, but we don’t often use our feet to “harass” them. And, primarily when we work at home or catch up on the drama, even if the hands are used to tap the keyboard, peel snacks, key the phone, but the legs are often more fixed posture. So in the cat’s subconscious: legs “character calmer”, neither in sleep “petting harassment” them, nor will frequently change position, disturbing them.

Reason 4: Sense of security

Just as cats can never resist the lure of a paper box, this somewhat claustrophobic yet surrounded feeling will make them feel very secure. And we don’t usually sleep in a crossed-legged position.

Of course, some cats love to sleep in the armpits. After all, they can smell something.

Reason 5: Thighs feel better

Compared to the stiff arms and fat-rich, too soft stomach, the thighs feel smooth and shape. Such a touch may also be the reason why cats like it.

Reason 6: Scent

Cats are particularly concerned about the smell, so you can see why cats like old clothes and lying on the bed. The owner’s leg gives off a characteristic odor known as pheromones, which can give cats a stronger sense of excitement. Maybe, the stronger your body odor, the more cat will be interested.

Are There Any Adverse Effects?

Although, in the world of people, kittens sleeping between their legs may be a little strange. But in the world of kittens, there is no problem! The only thing that may need attention is also some “safety issues”. For cats, it is not recommended to sleep with kittens from 1 to 3 months of age to avoid crushing them, or if you want to sleep together, move the cat near the pillow temporarily. There is nothing to worry about for people, except for deworming the cat on time to avoid parasites and bacteria infection for both cats and people.

What Do I Need to Pay Attention to when Sleeping with My Cat?

If you are usually used to sleep with the cat, you must do an excellent job of cat care, such as regular bathing, deworming, etc. In addition to bedding should also be regularly cleaned, disinfected!

Usually, more to it combing hair and the cat’s diet should be kept light, daily can give it to choose some can relieve hair loss of cat food. Feed your cat some egg yolks and carrots, which are also good for the hair!

my cat sleep on me

Do I Need to Make Any Changes?

Although cats can choose to “be happy with you when it’s cold and share a blanket with you, and dislike you when it’s hot and stay away from you when it’s hot…” But you can’t just kick your cat out of bed or put it to bed for no reason.

1.Do not want the cat to sleep with you

If you don’t want your cat to go to bed, it is recommended that you don’t let your cat into the bedroom in the first place. If your cat is already in the bedroom, you can provide it with a sleeping area that is more spacious (in the closet), warmer (heated or thickly padded), and more claustrophobic (one drawer of the cabinet). When the cat has a better option, it will not hesitate to leave you.

2.Wanting your cat to sleep with you

If you want your cat to sleep with you, it is recommended that you start developing this habit in the fall and winter months. Remove the more attractive sleeping environment above for your cat, lower the temperature, provide only a warm bed, and minimize your own rolling around in bed as much as possible. Maybe the cat is coming~

Final Thoughts

Welcome to the comments section, show your cat’s sleeping position, see who’s a cat is the most enchanting! Cats may not like to be held a lot, but they do want to rest between your legs. Do your cats like to sleep between your legs?

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