Dog Cone vs Dog Surgical Onesie: Which Is Best?

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Every dog owner dreads the day their dog has to undergo surgery, and it’s not only worrisome. Preventing your dog from licking and scratching at the post-operative wound can be a real challenge! In this article, we will compare the classic dog cone to the dog surgical onesie to explore which method is the best way to prevent your dog from licking the wound after surgery.

The traditional way to stop a dog from licking a wound is to force it to wear a dog cone. Known by some as the “cone of shame,” this option has proven useful because it completely prevents the dog from accessing all parts of its body, including the wound area.

What is a Dog Cone?

The official name of the dog cone is the “Elizabethan collar,” which refers to the Ruff collar worn by people in Elizabethan times. While no one argues the validity of the “cone of shame”, most dogs are uncomfortable with it because it is hard, stiff and very uncomfortable. That’s why pet owners are constantly looking for alternatives. If you’ve only heard of dog surgical suit, read on to discover their many benefits and uses. (Click this link to see the best surgical onesies for dogs)

I believe pets seem to be troubled by E-collar. It seems cruel to apply for one. My heart aches when my dog ​​has to wear them, but the “cone of shame” is an important tool in veterinary medicine. Dog cones are a routine choice for most veterinarians because:


It protects the wound from irritation because the dog will never touch the wound. It helps limit dog exposure to broken nails, surgical wounds, flea bites, scratches and other conditions.

Helping with eye ailments, pets really love pawing at their eyes and rubbing them on the floor or furniture. Many eye problems are hard to treat without the help of a dog cone.

Dog cones solve prevent hot spots. Placing the cone on the dog at the onset of a hot spot will prevent it from getting worse, minimizing the chance of infection.

The cone can be fastened to the dog easily and quickly and does not require any special tools or veterinary help.


Most dogs are uncomfortable with the “cone of shame” because its design limits vision. For dogs, the back, which they can’t see, is their most sensitive area. If the dog wears an Elizabethan collar, the range they can’t see will become larger, which will make them feel insecure.

The cone limits your interaction with the dog. It doesn’t feel comfortable wearing it, that’s why it doesn’t like to play or do anything. Restrictions on dog movement force animals to lie down most of the time.

The discomfort of wearing a cone can lead to depression in dogs. There are countless dogs who refuse to eat because of the cones.

What is a Dog Recovery Suit? The Most Sensible Cone Alternative

Surgical Suit For Dogs are a more comfortable and less awkward alternative to Cone. It keeps your dog comfortable after surgery and to allow your dog’s wounds to heal faster as it protected them from dog licks and bites. Surgical suits are like a second skin, designed to fit your dog’s shape.

If your four-legged friend licks it, the wound on your dog after surgery is very susceptible to irritation and infection. Since your dog (and you) is uncomfortable with cones, you’ll have to find alternatives. Well, the best substitute for a “cone of shame” is an onesie that stops licking the dog.

Compared to cone, dog onesie provides better comfort. It is usually made of breathable fabric and has an adjustable fit. Its most important is that it allows the dog to move freely and does not restrict any of its senses, including sight and hearing.


Bodysuits aren’t just used to keep surgical wounds from getting licked. You use it to prevent your pet from biting and scratching skin infections, rashes and insect bites.

It’s by far the most convenient cone replacement because it doesn’t restrict the dog’s movement. This means he can move around freely, eat, drink and play undisturbed, and play with the other dogs in the house.

Even with an onesie, you can still put your dog in a crate or kennel. No matter what the dog is doing, the onesie won’t get in the way. The same applies even if it’s in a crowded space like a dog cage.


One argument against a dog recovery onesie is that it may not be the best choice for destructive and aggressive types of dogs.

If your dog likes to chew for no apparent reason, the fabric material from which the onesie is made may quickly give in.

When Should My Dog ​​wear a Surgical Recovery Suit?


Both male and female dogs can wear surgical suits after spaying or neutering. The suit fits the shape and anatomy of your male or female dog. It protects the affected area from any licks or scratches.

Protect Wounds and Bandages

After surgery, the dogs will lick the wound and bite off the bandage, which allows them to recover longer. With a surgical onesie, the bandage will stay in place, the wound will be protected, and it will heal faster.

Hot Spot

Surgical gowns cover and protect hot spots and other skin conditions on your dog’s torso. Your dog won’t be able to lick or scratch the affected area as often, allowing the hot spot to heal faster.

Urinary Incontinence

A Dog Surgical Suit is a good idea for dogs with incontinence, as it helps prevent any urine stains in the home. Instead of using a dog diaper, your dog might wriggle out, try a surgical gown. Most surgical gowns hold diapers in place to keep them from bunching and shifting.


Most owners use dog diapers, but they bunch up and be uncomfortable for your dog. Surgical gowns can be worn. Just put a sanitary pad inside to prevent any blood from getting to the floor.


Certain dog breeds shed more easily than others, and shed heavily throughout the season. To help reduce the amount of hair fall at home, a surgical onesie can be worn. Since the suit covers your dog’s entire torso, the hair will be in the suit and not in your home. Regular grooming is still recommended.

Other Alternatives to Cones?

You’ll find other options as you explore dog cones vs. dog surgical onesie. Like I said before, the “cone of shame” isn’t the only option available. Here are the most popular alternatives you can buy at any pet store:

Soft Collar – The new version of the dog cone is made of soft fabric or plastic material to provide better comfort for your dog. It’s a flexible alternative to the traditional version, but is prone to pulling, especially if the dog insists on removing it.

Inflatable E-Collars – This alternative addresses the weakness of dog cones by providing a softer feel. However, I’m not a huge fan of it, as a dog’s paws won’t have any trouble piercing it.

Jumpsuits and Bodysuits – By far, the smartest solution to easily beat the scam is a dog jumpsuit or bodysuit. It provides maximum surgical protection for abdominal or chest wounds. It also covers hot spots so dogs can’t catch them.

DIY T-shirt – Find an old shirt that’s big enough to cover your dog’s entire body. You’d better choose a cotton shirt, so the dog is comfortable.

Final Thoughts

I have nothing against using dog cones to keep my pets from licking wounds. No doubt it works. But when you come home after surgery and see your dog upset and uncomfortable because of the experience, as a responsible owner, you instinctively cheer him up. Getting animals to wear cones is likely to make things worse than they are now. That’s why I choose the dog surgery onesie.

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