My Experience with NexGard Flea and Tick Chewables for Dogs

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Despite being extremely careful with Rocky, my 5-year-old Labrador, fleas still got the better of him. Initially, it was just scratching and biting. Then, he got aggressive over time, rubbing his body against any hard surface he could find.

Washing him with shampoo did not help in any way. So I decided to take a medical approach to this and got myself a flea spray. I was pretty confident that the spray was going to do it for Rocky and me.

The fleas should have been gone within a few weeks from when I started using the spray. Sadly, that did not help much. The fleas were still there, and Rocky was getting more and more uncomfortable. So I decided to do the necessary and took him to a vet.

After properly inspecting Rocky, the vet told me that the infestation was getting severe. However, there was still time to help him get back to normal with the right treatment. He suggested that I go for the NexGard Chewables for Dogs.

And since I could not buy NexGard without a vet’s prescription, he gave me written approval prescribing the medication and advised me on how to administer it. So without any delay, I got the NexGard chews and started treating Rocky, looking forward to the day those chews would work their magic, and my dog would go back to his usual and itch-free routine.

Buying the NexGard Chewable Tablets for Dogs

Buying the NexGard chewy tablets for dogs was an experience in itself. When I got the prescription from my vet, I forgot to ask him about the dosage amounts. I only remembered this when I was about to buy the NexGard tick and flea chewables, and thought I would ask him about it later.

So I approach the counter and ask the person behind it for the product. He then goes on to ask which color box I want. Not being familiar with the product, I was a bit confused. “Aren’t they the same for all colors?” I asked. The guy understood that I had not used it before and asked me about Rocky’s weight.

After I told him the weight, he handed me a purple box of NexGard Chewables for Dogs, and said that the colors varied based on the different weight classes. 4 to 10-pound dogs get the orange one, 10.1 to 24 get the blue, 24.1 to 60 get the purple, and 60.1 to 120 pounders get the red.

This was a fascinating revelation for me, and I admired this tiny but vital detail in the packaging of this medication.

Administering the Chews

Each pack of NexGard for dogs contains 3 chews. One chew is enough to help dogs get rid of their fleas, and further protect them from infestations. I was told to give Rocky 1 chew every month, which is standard. So the pack was going to last me 3 months.

A NexGard chew is the same size as a regular toffee. Rocky had no trouble munching them down. The chews were beef-flavored, and I could tell that he grew fond of them. It was like a delicious and tender treat for him.

I would give Rocky one chew at the start of every month, just like how I began the dose. After the first dose, I waited to see the outcome and whether or not NexGard would work better than the spray I tried before.

The Outcome

By the end of the first 30 days, Rocky was pretty much back to normal. He was being a little more playful than usual, but that was probably because the itching sensation was no longer bothering him. He also stopped biting himself. By the middle of the second month, the red rashes and scratch marks on his skin disappeared.

Since the fleas did not return, I am guessing, Rocky did not scratch himself that often anymore. And although things turned completely normal by the end of the second month, I still went on to administer the third and final NexGard chew as per my vet’s advice.

How NexGard Works

As I learned from my vet and the product website, NexGard Chewables for Dogs uses Afoxolaner as its key active ingredient. This chemical is what helps kill the fleas and keep them away, preventing further infestations.

At first, the Afoxolaner spreads itself throughout the dog’s body. Then, when fleas bite into the flesh, they end up eating some of the poison from the Afoxolaner and die immediately.

It also prevents fleas from laying eggs, although I think I was a bit late on that part since I started the NexGard dosage a bit late. However, even then the medication worked fine, and Rocky did not get any more fleas afterward.

Were There Any Side Effects?

Before handing me the prescription for the NexGard chews, my vet did warn me about a few possible reactions to them. These included vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, appetite loss, and flaky skin. So once I started administering the NexGard chewables, I kept a close eye on Rocky.

The first couple of weeks were smooth. No sign of any vomiting, diarrhea, or lethargy. His appetite did die down a little, but it started when the fleas first attacked. So I guessed it was because of the infestation and not the medication.

The third and fourth weeks were also almost smooth, except that Rocky did have diarrhea for a couple of days. However, he got better almost immediately, so I did not bother getting him to the vet. I would have done so if diarrhea continued for another couple of days as my vet advised.

Final Thoughts

NexGard for me is a life savior. It not only helped kill the fleas but also made sure they never returned. Rocky is now happier than ever. Fleas might come back if we are not careful though. However, this time, I will be ready for them.

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