Should My Dog Wear Shoes?

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Now there are more and more owners prepare a variety of shoes and clothes for dogs. Clothes on the dog have not produced a great reaction. When the dog first puts on boots, the dog’s first reaction can not to walk. Through the dog’s response, we should know that dogs can not often wear shoes. There is no doubt about it. Even though it is beneficial for dogs to wear shoes, you should understand the harmful part.

Why Can’t Dogs Walk when They Put on Shoes?

1. The dog’s feet are covered with nerves when the dog wears shoes. It will feel the shoes move after a step so that it seems to have stepped on something, so it began to self-adjust balance, but finally found that it still seems to have stepped on something, repeatedly, so that the dog wobbles after the first time to put on shoes, do not know how to take their second step.

2. The nails of the dog’s paws will increase and will be very long. It needs friction so that the dog’s nails can be inhibited by the role of growth slowed down. After the dog wears shoes, the nails do not get the appropriate friction will grow longer and longer.

3. Because they can not feel the road they walk is smooth ground or other types of land when walking on the soft ground may be slippery. It does not know how to walk. The dog in the smooth ground can rely on paws to grasp the ground. If wearing shoes, the friction of the sole than the paws touch the ground much smaller.

Effects of Giving Your Dog Shoes for a Long Time

1. Wearing shoes for a long time will affect the development of bones and joints. For the dog to run or walk, you will usually tie the laces very tight, so the lace part will produce blood does not flow, bone and joint wear, the dog’s paws in the shoes can not be free to stretch will be some hurtful friction.

2. Because the dog can not directly sense the ground through the paws, it will be easy to injure the paws. A long time to wear shoes quickly leads to the deformation of the dog’s paws. Over time, the dog will like to walk with the paws extremely open to prevent falls, which will make the dog’s paws deformed.

3. Like humans, no matter what kind of shoes, some people feel especially hot when they wear shoes, and external factors can not just slippers, and over time the feet will have skin phenomenon or even more severe. Dogs are also the same. Initially, they are not wearing shoe animals. Wearing shoes will certainly not adapt, and over time will inevitably produce skin diseases. So you must think twice when you give your dog shoes! The dog’s paws are smothered wet, the dog’s paws are sweat glands, wearing shoes for too long will make the dog feel that the paws are not breathable, prone to skin diseases.

Which Cases Can Dogs Wear Shoes?

  • 1. The paws have been injured. Wear shoes can play a protective role.
  • 2. The dog has some joint disease, can not be frozen can wear shoes.
  • 3. When the snow is enormous, the road will be sprinkled with some snowmelt, coarse salt particles, the dog’s paws will be irritated.
  • 4. When there are many rough stones on the road and need to walk a distance, wearing shoes can protect the paws of the feet.

What Size Shoes Should My Dog Wear?

1. The size of the dog’s paws in the air and standing on the ground is a specific difference. Use a ruler to measure the width of the dog’s feet, enlarge the measurement’s size to 0.2-0.4in, to ensure that the dog wears comfortably.

2. The material must pass. You can choose canvas material, PU non-slip waterproof material, PCV material dog shoes.

Final Thoughts

Some dogs still refuse to wear boots even after many attempts or wear shoes or can not walk, and you must have patience and do not force the dog. Even if the dog wears shoes, it is necessary to buy a suitable shoe for the dog. Only the right shoe can make the dog comfortable to wear to let the dog adapt. So, unless the dog must wear shoes, in other cases, it is best not to wear shoes for too long, which can affect the dog’s health, small joint deformation, heavy paralysis in bed. Must pay attention to this point, do not simply because the dog wears shoes clean or good-looking to let the dog wear shoes for a long time, this will have little benefit will bring regrets to the bad.

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